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lyrics "Nba YoungBoy - Chopper City"

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Release year:2020

Mommy, India got the beats
I got Hitman on the beat
Who made this shit? (Tay-tay made the beat)
Draco dirty hit me, it got a fifty (mmm-mmm, top)
Bitch, we sticked up, it's chopper city
Yeah (mmm-mmm)
Look here
Felon walk in, with that felony
Gang five, that's cold case
We gon' kill a bitch, that been reppin' shit
I say, put the bitch up in rotation
Four stamps, that's four faces
Gas bag, that's border bases
Russian K, that's Canada property
We gon' make the drop, where it go the safest
Keep it real, fake it 'til you make it
They be that bitch nigga that's hatin'
Distributin', call it penetratin'
Take off your mind, clean up what you thinkin'
Dirty monеy stashin', call it bankin'
Murder for position, call it rankin'
Cold killer steppеrs 'round me' nameless
Dog killin' NBA ain't no entertainment
Sippin' drank meetin' 'bout the case
Bodies smoked by the block, if it's hard
Catch you slippin', slang that stick at the yard
Behind this business, we be takin' it far
Deal 'em out, we be dishin' our cards
Bad bitch hit the road, with that boy
Got it out front, row with that stick
Bang out toe to toe, with that rod
Rich nigga, Helter Skelter, shit
Mugged up, why the bezel glist
Doped up, need another fix
I don't know where the fuck his mind went
Big bank, get your head popped
Bitch, you know how them times spent
Ridin' 'round at that devil risk
All night tryna slime shit
Draco dirty hit me, it got a fifty (mmm-mmm, top)
Bitch, we sticked up, it's chopper city
Yeah (mmm-mmm)
Clip full, drivin' fast
Tryna move a whole thing (mmm-mmm)
Bitch nigga, steady tryna show stop
It's a dirty game, he gon' lose his brain (mmm-mmm)
Uh, uh, uh, uh-uh-uh
The one to take a two, that's what my cousin Meechy say
But we could pull about five
I'm talkin' five, that's just by either way
Five million for my album, that's an easy bank
Said you need a thousand for that bezel, shit
What my nigga, Jay Beezy, say
Nigga, cop that
Two hundred for my chain, them niggas gon' watch that
Told my youngin' when he get that 'Vette, them hoes gon' jock that
Nigga, you a hot mess
Lotta thousands laid on my chest, I'm talkin', no vest
Public housin', we where the smoke at, I got it potent
Talkin' millions, I had that Maybach 'fore I was four in
Get that drank, just for the relax
Nigga, gotta pour a four in
One watch, that's three bands
Rob the jeweler, still callin'
Crank the window, nothin' but claws in
Bullets burn, give you a wrong tan
Draco dirty hit me, it got a fifty (mmm-mmm, top)
Bitch, we sticked up, it's chopper city
Yeah (mmm-mmm)
Who made this shit? (Tay-tay made the beat)
Clip full, drivin' fast tryna move a whole thing (mmm-mmm)
Bitch nigga, steady tryna show stop
It's a dirty game, he gon' lose his brain (mmm-mmm)
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