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lyrics "NANA - DREAMS"

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Artist express:Nana
Release year:1998

In my dreams God is talking to me
In my dreams I am down on my knees
In my dreams I am begging you please
Let my soul rest in peace
Dreams sometimes I ask the Lord why
Mama back again in my dreams you are alive
I don't know reality or fiction
I guess you and the Lord guiding on my mission
Who am I an actor or musician
Dreaming all these years
Finally the right decision
I can't breathe my mind is wide open
Nightmares in the night bedsheet like an ocean
Sleeping deep I can hear god speak
Your life in my hands
Check the Bible read and preach
My eyes open begin to realize
I am still in my dreams
Who's the man in disguise
I start trippin' think a sec about the kitchen
Have to face the fact
About my future reputation
In addition minimize my ambition
Lord wake me up change my situation
Life is too short to live in anger
Can't stand these negative vibes
Life is too short too short to live with danger
Please help me God to survive
Dreams I can't just explain
They bug me out make me trip in so many ways
I want the truth nothing but the truth
Entire 411 I am going back to my roots
Woop woop that's the sound of the police
Young gifted black I am down on my knees
Irritated lost nowhere to go
Help me please rescue me I am losing control
The show must go on
I wanna have my piece of cake
Seperate good from the bad and fake
Snakes always wanna ride your jock and place
Their behinds in your face dispossess your space
In my dreams I see a picture of your face
Life is too short take a break
I wish good luck for you and yours
Dreams see me walking through that door
Could you ease my pain-
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