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lyrics "Mystery Skulls - "Hellbent""

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Release year:2014

Ive been hellbent, baby
Hellbent on loving you
All day long
Hellbent on drugs
Cause they turn you on
Dont know what else to do
Mmm, Ive been hellbent, baby
Hellbent on making you love me too
Even tho now I have lots to do
I dont know give a damn, mmm
Ive been hellbent, baby
(Been hellbent, baby)
Since too long, baby
(Since too long, baby)
My eyes wide shut
(My eyes wide shut)
And I feel your touch
(And I feel your touch)
Oh, Ill turn you on
(Ill turn you on)
You make me strong
(You make me strong)
Said all I need is
All I need is
All I need is you
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