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lyrics "My Two Lovely Uncles "

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Artist express:Supermega
Release year:2017

the sun was shining
a lovely day
my uncles took me
outside to play
it got real toasty
my tongue real dry
I needed iced cream
or I would fry

all they had was
three big greens
just enough for
three iced creams
but uncle noticed
a glistening flier
a trip to Syria
their one desire

my two lovely uncles
they went away
to blessed Syria
for a holy vacay
I have never seen them
with such big old grins
fulfilling all their dreams
among Syrians

my two lovely uncles
they went away
theyre both still inside me
how will I go on
without their firm musk
echoing through me
from dawn until dusk
Ill keep them alive
with my thoughts in my brain
Ill spread their sweet ashes
when I get their remains
Ill always remember
your oceans of love
my two lovely uncles
slain from above
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