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lyrics "Mushroomhead - Rumor Has It"

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Artist express:Mushroomhead
Genre:Alt Metal
Release year:2014

He, he aint real
He aint gon be able to love you like I will
He is a stranger
You and I have history or dont you remember?
Sure, hes has it all but baby is that really what you want?
Bless your soul, you got your head in the clouds
He made a fool out of you and girl its bringing me down
He made your heart melt but youre cold to the core
Now rumour has it, he aint got your love anymore
Rumour has it
He is half your age
But Im guessing thats the reason that youve strayed
I heard you been missing me
Youve been telling people things you shouldnt be
Like when we creep out, and he aint around
Havent you heard the rumours?
Bless your soul, you got your head in the clouds
You made a fool out of me and girl Im bringing me down
You made my heart melt yet Im cold to the core
But rumour has it Im the one youre leaving him for
Rumour has it
All of these words whispered in my ear
Tell a story that I cannot wait to hear
Just cause I said it, it dont mean that I meant it
People say crazy things
Just cause I said it, dont mean that I meant it
Just cause you heard it
Rumour has it
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