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lyrics "Mushroomhead - Along the Way"

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Artist express:Mushroomhead
Release year:2002

Im thirsty - And weary from the heat
As the Sands rinse the hands of time
I will suck the venom from your wound
If you will do the same and suck from mine,
You and I - Were ruined by
This desert between us
I walked through the valley
And stared into death
This instance of a distance
Designed to defeat us
And still her face I cant seem to forget
The war you wage
Forever the life that you pay
Something wrong in you
Comes alive in your veins
Lose yourself in some kind of Hell
A new version of where you are now
Truths unveiled
Youll never ever get out
At a glance - Sudden avalanche
Suffocated me within
Gasping for air I cant breathe
Paralyzed - Ive been sterilized
And cleansed of my sin
In a state of suspended belief
Somewhere along the way
Time changes everything
We all disintegrate
Its running out,
Taunted by time
Imposing its certainty
Absolute always
Stopping for nothing
This race cannot be won
So days it crawls
While other days it flies
It feeds on our flaws
And knows no compromise
Inevitable rise of the sun
Time what have I become
Somewhere along the way
Time changes everything
We all disintegrate
Its running out,
The war you wage
Somewhere along the way
Its running out.
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