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lyrics "Motörhead – The Chase Is Better Than The Catch "

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Artist express:Motörhead
Release year:1980

You know Im bad, the times Ive had
Ive got a bad reputation
I dont care, I get my share
Dont feel no deprivation, I dont
The more I get the better it is
I like it fine, like a little whiz
Treat em like ladies, thats a fact
You know the chase is better than the catch, you know
Silver-tongued devil, demon lech
I know just what Im doing
I like a little innocent bitch
You know I aint just screwing, I aint
I love you baby, love you too much
I like it fine, I feel your touch
But your appearance dont hold no class
You know the chase is better than the catch, you know
A little beauty, I love you madly
Come on home with me
I know youre hot, I know what youve got
You know I want to shake your tree, you know
Come on honey, touch me right there
Come on honey, dont you get scared
Come on honey, let me get you in the sack
You know the chase is better than the catch
All right
Come on
Let me hear ya
Let me hear ya
Let me hear ya
Let me hear ya
I cant hear ya
I cant hear ya
I cant hear ya, cant hear!
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