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lyrics "Motörhead - Sacrifice"

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Artist express:Motörhead
Release year:2013

Why do they not believe
I have not lied, even for this,
Now no-one can conceive
The lie becomes the loving kiss,
But I would not,
Fall in love,
Like this.
The woman stitches the shrouds,
The children murder all the world,
If only you believe,
Then only you will die,
How can you not,
See the stars,
In your eyes.
Sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice,
Sacrifice, pay the price, blood like ice, sacrifice.
The pain is on you now,
Do not consider flight for gain,
In you the poison breeds,
Crawling with the mark of Cain,
And no-one shall,
Set you free,
Sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice,
Sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice.
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