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lyrics "Motörhead - I Don't Believe A Word "

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Artist express:Motörhead
Release year:2010

Dont talk to me, I dont believe a word
Dont try to make me feel alright
All the love in all the world
Is not enough to save my soul tonight
Dont be my friend Im not a fool
Dont talk of things that we cannot see
When all the ones that sing the blues
Sometimes I think of how it used to be
I have seen the Devil laugh
I have seen God turn his face away
I have nothing left to lose
I have nothing left to say
I have seen the sky turn black
I have seen the seas run dry
I have nothing that is yours
I have nothing now that is not mine
Dont look at me your eyes are cold and hard
Dont wonder that I turn to you
All the grief in all the world
Is not enough to make me comfort you
Dont tell me lies, Im not a dog
Dont talk of love it seems to me
All the people that we rob
Sometimes I think of how they used me
I have seen the fires of Hell
I have seen angels with flaming swords
I have nothing that is mine
I have much that could be yours
I have seen the eye of God
I have heard lies that are true
I have nothing for myself
I have nothing I would give to you
Dont say that word, I know its only fools
Who do not know their fate is just
All the justice in the world
Is not enough to buy my faith and trust
Dont make that face I wont be pleased
Dont make a sideshow of yourself
All the people we released
Sometimes I think youre someone else
I have been where none have been
In the empty howling rooms
I have everything I need
I have everything you stand to lose
I have seen the diamond worlds
I have seen the shape of space
I have nothing but the world
I have nothing to take its place
I dont believe a word, I dont believe a word x3 I dont believe a word
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