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lyrics "Motörhead "Heroes""

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Artist express:Motörhead
Release year:2008

I, I will be king
And you, shall be queen
Though nothing will drive them away
I will beat them, forever and ever
Cause we can be heroes, just for one day
And you, you are insane
And I, I am the same
Cause were lovers, and that is a truth
Yes were lovers, and were in that booth
Though nothing, will keep us together
We could stop time, forever and ever
We can be heroes
What dyou say?
I, I can remember (I remember)
Standing, by the wall (by the wall)
And the guns, were all ready to fire (ready to fire)
And we kissed, as though we never can fall (never can fall)
And the shame, was on another city
Oh we can beat them, forever and ever
We could be heroes, just for one day
We can be heroes, we can be heroes
We can be heroes
We can be heroes, just for one day
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