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lyrics "Motley Crue - Shout At The Devil "

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Artist express:Mötley Crüe
Release year:1983

Hes the wolf screaming lonely in the night
Hes the blood stain on the stage
Hes the tear in your eye
Been tempted by his lie
Hes the knife in your back
Hes rage
Hes the razor to the knife
Oh, lonely is our lives
My heads spinnin round and round
But in the seasons of wither
Well stand and deliver
Be strong and laugh and

Shout at the devil
Hell be the love in your eyes
Hell be the blood between your thighs
And then have you Cry for more
Hell put strength to the test
Hell put the thrill back in bed
Sure youve heard it all before
Hell be the risk in the kiss
Might be anger on your lips
Might run scared for the door
But in seasons of wither
Well stand and deliver
Be strong and laugh and

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