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lyrics "Motionless in White - Disguise"

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Artist express:Motionless in White
Release year:2019

Get up, get up!
(Get out, never get out, never get out, never)
(Never let go, never let go, never go)
Spiraling inside my own disguise
This is my design
But we're not here together
Mirror mirror, tell me who you see
Am I you or me?
I can never remember
(But you can't hide forever)
I found myself by losing hope
I lost my way to find a home
I hid myself, to stay alive
Now I'm ready to face my disguise
I am locked within the box I built from the inside out
Reassured by my doubt, I
I don't want this fucking co-dependent vice
But desperate measures call for desperate lies (desperate lies)
I found myself by losing hope
I lost my way to find a home
I hid myself to stay alive
Now I'm ready to face my disguise
Sick of wearing a mask
Sick of hiding my face
Sick of every motherfucker that is in my way
Sick of digging for answers
While you bury the truth
Fuck your method to my sadness, I will bury you
I will not become a figure of my mistakes
I will not become the mask, fear is not my fate
You can't turn down anger
You can't silence pain
You will not put out the fire that burns in me
That burns in me
I sold my soul to my disguise
I hid myself to stay alive
I found myself by losing hope
I lost my way to find a home
I hid myself to spite my eyes
I was losing myself in my disguise
Fear I follow
Safe in sorrow (my disguise)
With time l borrowed
I'm ready to face my disguise
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