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lyrics "Mona Lisa - Lil Wayne , Kendrick Lamar"

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Artist express:Lil Wayne
Release year:2018

I got a story to tell, you know I cherish thee
Hope it aint too many feelings involved
I see niggas in this bitch, stuntin, popping bottles
Getting drunk with these bitches and when they leave, they get followed
Fall asleep with that bitch and really dont know much about her
Then she let us in, we take all of your shit
And when you wake up, she help you try to find it, I love it
I be with bitches that be with bitches that be with niggas with riches
I tell her, "Get em", she say, "I got you", I say, "No, bitch, I say get him"
And they so pretty, and they hair lengthy, he hit it and sleep on her titties
And she give us the word, we come through with AKs
Its a stick up, she scream like a victim
Now you, feeling so silly
I smoke color purple
Im up in here feeling like Celie (ooh)
Nappy ass dreads, whats that you say?
Watch your mouth, Milli Vanilli (ooh)
You can get snaked, you can get faked
Out by the bitch that you feelin
Cause you thought that she was an angel
That bitch aint no angel, I treat her halo like a Frisbee
And you telling your business, she tell me your business
You tell that bitch what youre feeling
All of the beans you be spilling
To you, she lie through her teeth cavities, fillings
She know where you hide it, tell me where its hidden
She know when youre gone, tell me when to visit, we break in your home
And take this specifics and meanwhile the bitch is on vacation with him so she dont get blamed
We dont snatch chains, we find out addresses
And we dont leave messes
Youll only know that its gone when you check it
Then your first thought is to start second guessing
She say, "Whats wrong?", he say "nothing, keep resting"
She say, "Whats missing?", "how you know something missing?"
He scratch his head, she say "get back in bed"
And she gave him some head
Boy, you cant trust them bitches, and then she say
Ooh, I see niggas in this bitch stuntin, popping bottles
Getting drunk with these bitches and when they leave, they get followed
I be with bitches that know the bitches thats with the niggas we following
Get them on the line, stay two cars behind and tell them hoes, "dont be so obvious"
Mona Lisa
Long hair, dont care, she handle the business and dont ever tell
She bite the bullet and cough up the shells
She tell em, "Ooh, daddy, lets go to your place"
And if he say, Yea, then we meet him there
She feed him lies with his silverware
She dont want love, she just want her share
I, know a bitch named Liz, this nigga think she his
Cause she tell him that it is
So he tell her all his secrets, he tell her all his fears
And then she tell me, and I be all ears
And then I go and tell my people, and they already know him
And then I call Liz and she say he comin over
I say, "Good girl, just remember what I told you"
She gave me the salute, I say, "Girl, youre a soldier"
Were waitin outside, watch him pull up
Walk up to the door and right before he knock, she open the door naked
She left it unlocked
They started french kissing so he didnt see moi
And then she let him in, they stopped on the couch
Music up loud with his head in the cloud
Turn that shit down and I scared the piss out of him
Piss a nigga off, put a gun to his frown
Nigga, turn around, I aint here to fuck around
I aint here to fuck around, caught you wit your pants down
You know what it is, put your fucking hands up
Liz, thats enough, you can put your hands down
And then he looked dead at her and he shook his head at her
She a good actress and you a dead actor
Youll be dead after we get what were after
If Liz call you daddy, she about to be a bastard, oh
I got way too many bitches that do anything for me, nigga
But think for me, nigga
Send her to you like she aint for me, nigga
I hope you alone like bankruptcy, nigga
She pour you a drink, that drink on me, nigga
She slip something in it, now think for me, nigga
Mona Lisa, I done painted the picture
Mo-mona Lisa, out the frame on these niggas
Pussy got you out of character, nigga
You fall for these hoes off your ladder, my nigga
Take everything that you have, til dont even have an opinion
We have your attention and now youre looking down a barrel though nigga
Now she looking for her pantyhose, nigga
We just looking for the casserole, nigga
But she gon show us where you stash it though, nigga
Ah, everyday she wake up with a different color makeup
And a promise he gon take to the movie and the mall
Chilling with the Laker, on the floor
Fourth quarter, four minute on the clock Black Mamba with the ball
Paparazzi looking at them both popping up and take a picture, uh
Probably on a Internet blog
In a minute, he gon be admitting that he love her on his mother
Man, he want to meet her mother by tomorrow
Mona Lisa
Pussy good enough, it got him sinnin in her walls
And he digging in it like he living in it
Make a new religion with it
Man a nigga bout to go against God
Poetry in a pear tree, sweet tone like a hummingbird
When she asked him, did he want to make love in a yellow taxi
Never gave two fuck, jumped in the backseat
Woke up in the morning to The Great Gatsby
Then he dogged it again like the bitch Lassie
Ima a dog in the wind, Im a pit laughing
Ima call up again like I did last week
Make good with the friend and Im all jazzy
Britney with the twin and the girl Ashley
Found out that I fucked, he was unhappy
Bitch, I never let the bullshit get past me
Better yet, I wanna break up, dont you ask me
Bout no motherfucking double standard, acting
Fucking on another nigga, thats negative alone
But you sucked his dick, thats just nasty
Matter of fact, bitch, gimme your phone (No)
You fucking with Wayne? (No)
Bitch, gimme your phone (No, let me take this call)
(Lick me like a lollipop)
He on your fucking ringtone?
Is that the shit that you do?
Touching yourself, looking at Kendrick videos
Jump on the Internet, watching his interviews
I dont know what the fuck, lately got into you
Tell me who love you, I bet I love harder
Forgot all the shit that I did for your daughter?
The Pampers, the Pedialyte and my momma daycare after school
And she never did charge her
You scandalous as fuck, and I hope you blow up
You know what, I give up, let me go get my gun, I got one in the chamber
Im plannin on aimin, God dammit, you know the damage is done
Bitch Im emotional cause Im in stress
Im not supposed to go through this, I guess
So in conclusion, since you like rappers thats killing that pussy Im killing myself
She say, ooh, daddy, ooh, Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa
Ooh, fake smile, Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa
She say, ooh, no emotion, Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa
Now he get the picture, Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa, yeah
Songwriters: Angel Aponte / Dwayne Carter / Kendrick Duckworth / Marco Antonio Rodriguez Diaz
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