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lyrics "Moment - Nate Ruess"

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Artist express:Nate Ruess
Release year:2015

Well, you were burning up the sky
Looking for a light when you saved me
I was convinced no one would take me
You turned and took me by the hand
But now that look in your eyes
All of your sighs are saying "Go, please"
"Leave me alone and leave you lonely"
It looks as though weve reached the end

Well, Im fine
I just need a moment
Im alright right here on the floor
Well, Im fine
I just need a moment to cry

And when I think about the ways
That you never waste your breath to say you love me
How you always held your lost loves above me
As you kept your other hand on the door
Yet Ill admit I might miss
Every scar and every wish that wed make
But our wishes were nothing but ways
To act as if we could use the change
Well, maybe one of these days
Well cross each other on a train to our new lives
We could talk about the old times
And how were glad we made it out alive

But for now Ill sit and drink
As I think about the night that your father died
And I said Id never leave your side
We once swore we could defeat this
Therefore, please excuse this little bit of weakness, oh

Well, Im fine
I just need a moment of your time
To get all my things and let go
Well, I’m fine
I just need a moment to say goodbye

Well, Lord give me a reason
Cmon, show me you love me
I dont want to let it go
Just to watch it fly
And Lord, give me a moment
Any of it, show me
I dont want to feel it
I dont wanna watch it go by

Because Im fine
I just need a moment
Im alright right here on the floor
Well, Im fine
I just need a moment to say Im fine
I need a moment
Im alright here on the floor
Well, Im fine
I just need a moment to cry
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