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lyrics "MINE TURTLE"

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Artist express:Todd Bryanton
Release year:2013

Mine turtle, mine turtle, the mine turtle (Hello!), mine turtle!
Mine turtles on the prowl, llama whipping by
Mine turtles got a smile sweet as pie, flavored pie
Skater kid tells a cop, "You cant tell me what to do!"
Watch out! When mine turtle says hello to you! (Hello!)
Mine turtle, mine turtle, the mine turtle (Hello!), mine turtle!
Mine turtles traveled round the world,
from Cairo to Madrid,
Saw gun-to-lease potato
And the "I Like Trains" kid,
Visited Desmond on the moon
In his flying machine,
Fight the aliens
(Throw the cheese!)
Stole an alien technology,
And built a time machine,
Went back in time to
One hundred million B.C.
The caveman asked
"What kind of animal are you?"
"Technically Im a tortoise!"
(I am a stegosaurus!)
Mine turtle, mine turtle, he is the, he is the
Mine turtle (Hello!), mine turtle!
Listen up, well tell you where mine turtle came from,
In a petting zoo one day there was a man named Tom.
He shouted Drunk Science and he drank a cold one,
And soon he had made the worlds first turtle bomb.
The cops tried to stop him,
Before he could explode.
(Look out hes got a nose!)
(Wait, no he doesnt.)
Mine turtle! Mine turtle! The mine turtle (Hello!) Mine turtle!
Mine turtle (Mine turtle, ) Mine turtle! The mine turtle (Mine turtle!) Mine turtle!
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