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lyrics "Mili - Rubber Human"

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Artist express:Rubber Human
Release year:2017

If I can be a robot
I'll be a robot that throws all your tears into the trashcan
I'll be an eggplant
Listening to you when there are no ears are to be lent
Stretch me out
Roll me into a rubbery log
Cut me into pieces
So my footprints won't be found
If I can be a flower
I'll be a flower that makes your desert into a garden
I'll be a kitten
Purring for you when no other voice can wake you up inside
You told me that I was your everything
But now we're left with nothing
I still have this feeling that we might be able to undo
To redo
Believe me it's true
My day and night run on my love for you
Mix me up
Fold me in with your buttery electric sheep
Tear me into pieces
So my real form won't be found
If I can be a human
I'll be a human who is way better than who I am
I'll be a human
A better human
How much I wish that we can be in love again
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