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lyrics "Mighty Dub Katz - Magic Carpet Ride [Aringkingking] "

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Artist express:Mighty Dub Katz
Release year:1995

What are words worth?
What are words worth? Words
Words in papers, words in books
Words on TV, words for crooks
Words of comfort, words of peace
Words to make the fighting cease
Words to tell you what to do
Words are working hard for you
Eat your words but dont go hungry
Words have always nearly hung me
What are words worth?
What are words worth? Words
Words of nuance, words of skill
And words of romance are a thrill
Words are stupid, words are fun
Words can put you on the run
mots press?X, mots sens?X,
mots qui disent la vâÝit?mots maudits, mots mentis,
mots qui manquent le fruit desprit
What are words worth?
What are words worth? - words
Its a rap race, with a fast pace
Concrete words, abstract words
Crazy words and lying words
Hazy words and dying words
Words of faith and tell me straight
Rare words and swear words
Good words and bad words
What are words worth?
What are words worth? - words
Words can make you pay and pay
Four-letter words I cannot say
Panty, toilet, dirty devil
Words are trouble, words are subtle
Words of anger, words of hate
Words over here, words out there
In the air and everywhere
Words of wisdom, words of strife
Words that write the book I like
Words wont find no right solution
To the planet earths pollution
Say the right word, make a million
Words are like a certain person
Who cant say what they mean
Dont mean what they say
With a rap rap here and a rap rap there
Here a rap, there a rap
Everywhere a rap rap
Rap it up for the common good
Let us enlist the neighbourhood
Its okay, Ive overstood
This is a wordy rappinghood, okay, bye.
What are words worth?
What are words worth? - words
What are words worth?
What are words worth? - words
Hell stop ... Dont stop ... Stop.
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