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lyrics "Might Die Young - Bobby Brackins , Olivia O’brien , Tinashe"

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Release year:2018

Verse 1: Bobby Brackins
Im going 17 every year
East Oakland boy
But my bitches think Im cavalier
Been quick giving a fuck
Many months ago
In a room plotting but its not hookah smoke
Have a drink and we smoking dope
Spend the same on the drugs just to be your ?
You could meet my plug, he got summer snow
If your girl friends need summer snow
But where we bout to go
You wont have no worries
We all good
Baby you should see my ?
So give me brain
Girl you know I love knowledge

Chorus: Joy
You fuck me too
I got that good type of love to make your heart go numb
You love me too
Weve been going so hard, I think we might die young, oh
You fuck me too
I got that good type of love to make your heart go numb
You love me too
Lets get it poppin right now in case we might die young

Verse 2: Tinashe
Miss me baby, you down for me
Tell me why you keep lyin to me?
Bullshit that you been writin me
Seems like you aint really tryna meet
Three hoes betcha didnt fuckin know
Three nights better been all alone
Every night, I remember when I, ooh
Lifes short, I believe it
Cant help the way Im feelin
Fuck with me, I need you (need you)
Fuck with me, I need you (need you)

Chorus: Joy
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