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lyrics "Merry Christmas, Baby - Charles Brown"

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Release year:2010

Merry Christmas baby, you sure did treat me nice
Ooh, merry Christmas baby, sure you did treat me nice
Gave me that love for Christmas
Now Im living in paradise
Now Im feelin mighty fine, got good music on my radio
Well, Im feelin mighty fine, I got all that good music on my radio
I wanna kiss you baby
While youre standing neath the mistletoe
Well, Im feelin mighty fine, I got good music on my radio
Well Im feelin mighty fine, we got all that good music on my radio
Well, I wanna kiss you, Bonnie
While Im standing here neath the mistletoe
Saintee came down the chimney
About half past three
Left these pretty presents
That you see before me
Ooh, Merry Christmas pretty baby
Sure your show been good to me
I havent had a drink this morning
Im all lit up
Ooh, baby, Im all lit up
Im all lit up, ooh, like a Christmas tree
Nhạc sĩ: Johnny Dudley Moore / Lou Baxter
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