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lyrics "Melting Grid - Julie Byrne"

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Artist express:Julie Byrne
Release year:2017

Paper thats quick to burn, and the cinnamon peeler
Beetles crushed that dye the carmine, well, I exist to be dreaming still
Kansas, Arkansas, my fields theyre always rich and in fire
Long work labor not worth our minds
And I long forgotten the feeling of silence

And if the roses need not tending
Until, until noon Id sleep
Never could I have gone on that way
Because moneys not the thing thats ever given me sight

Colorado, Wyoming, Helena into the Evergreen
And the wilds washed all thought of endeavor that was left in me

And would you ask my permission
The next time you absorb me?
Preserve my memory of the mystic west
As I lay no claim to the devotion I felt

Our conversation, it banks in me
And I had almost forgotten the nature of dawn
I thought of it for days after, even months after the moments were gone

But Id get so lonely inside that room
No matter who would ever wait for me
I get so lonely inside that room
No matter who would ever wait for me
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