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lyrics "Mellow Man Ace - Mentirosa (Liar)"

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Artist express:Mellow Man Ace
Release year:1989

Check this out baby
Tenemos tremendo lio
Last night you didn't go a la casa de tu tio
Resulta ser hey you were at a party
Higher than the sky
Emborrachada de Bacardi
I bet you didn't know
Que conocia al cantinero
He told me you were drinking
And wasting my dinero
Talking About
Come and enjoy what a woman gives an hombre
(but first of all see i have to know your nombre)
But I really want to ask ya,
Que si es verdad (would i lie?)
And please, por favor, tell me la verdad
Because I really need to know, yeah
Necesito entender If you're gonna be a playa
Or be my mujer
Cause right now you're just a liar
a straight mentirosa (who me)
Today you tell me something
y manana es otra cosa
ain't got nobody,
I remember the day, Que tu me decias
Time and time again, Que tu me querias (i do)
And at the time, hey yo te creia
Porque no sabia that you were a relambia
You're with Fulanito y Menganito
Joseito y Fernandito
Larry and Joey, y Vinnies brother Chico
mucho que fletera, that's a straight skeezer
Si quieres un pedacito
Go her way cause she's a pleaser
But I'll tell ya, straight up
Porque brother me di de cuenta
That on Main Street her cuerpo estaba a la venta
Now get some el que quiera
Get some cualquiera
Hey, yo, she don't care man
she's a tremenda fiera
Yeah you're hot to trying how to get what i got Pero ya que te conozco
What I gots I guess not
Cause you're just a mentirosa
Con tu lengua venenosa
Today you tell me somethin '
y manana es otra cosa
Girl, I can't believe you
You know my mothers talking about me
My friends are talking about me
Not me, about you!
You ain't nothing but a skeezer!
(A skeezer?! Don't be calling me no skeezer! )
Tremenda fletera man, mami, la verdad...
(Eso es lo que tu te crees.. )
I bet you go to church and you're scared to confess....
(No, I do confess baby, I do confess.)
Uh huh, do you tell the truth, though?
(Yeah I do. )
Uh huh.
Do you?
Yeah! You ain't nothing but a skeezer,
I got some other stories to say about you;
it goes like this
Un dia estaba en tu casa y ring there goes the phone
Recojiste y dijiste (Call me back, I'm not alone)
El queria you direccion
Yeah, just your address
y antes que colgaste I heard you say (I'll wear dress)
Alabao, que descara, is what ran through my mind
So I said let's go out tonight
She said (We go out all the time!)
Alabao, man!
Ella no sabia, that yo, I knew her plan
De que iba a salir with that other man
So I told the girl in spanish,
I said Hey, ya me voy
(Pero porque )
Cause you ain't treatin' me like I'm some sucker toy
Cause who needs you anyway, con tu lengua venenosa
(I need you! )
Today you tell me something y maana es otra cosa
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