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lyrics "Megan Thee Stallion - Captain Hook"

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Artist express:Megan Thee Stallion
Release year:2020

Real Hot Girl shit, ah
(And if the beat live, you know Lil Ju made it)
Ay, bitch, I'm a problem nobody solvin'
You can keep hating, I'm poppin' regardless
He want a bitch look like Megan Thee Stallion
Don't want your nigga 'cause I want his daddy
I like to switch up my style every week
I gotta switch up my hair every day
I ain't no ho, but I do be on go
And I promise my nigga's gon' love me the same
I'm a Hot Girl, don't try it at home
I wear the shit that be showing my thong
I like to drink and I like to have sex
I fuck the niggas that's cutting the checks
Dance on the dick, now, you been served
I like a dick with a little bit of curve
Hit this pussy with an uppercut
Call that nigga Captain Hook
Ay, I go shopping, mmh, want it, then I cop it, ay, yeah
Bitches boppin', mmh, I do it, they copy, ay, look
He's a sweetie, mmh, kiss it when he eat it, ay, yeah
Know it's good when you chewin' and you singin'
I love niggas with conversation
That find the clit with no navigation
Mandatory that I get the head
But no guarantees on the penetration (huh)
I be texting with a bi chick
We both freaky, just trying shit (mwah)
Main nigga getting super jealous
He don't even know about the other fellas
I need a Mr. Clean, make that pussy beam (ooh, ooh)
Okay, I just might need a baker, make that pussy cream (pussy cream)
Okay, you woke up mad at me 'fore you ain't brush your teeth
Mm-mm-mm, that's just super sad, fuck it, carpe diem, ah
I'm so indecisive, you can't cuff me, but I'm wifey (but I'm wifey)
I just want a nigga who gon' slurp me like an Icee (slurp me like an Icee)
Bitches bite me so hard, had to put them on a diet (put them on a diet)
Bitch, this ain't no tryout
So lil' ho, you better not try me (ho, you better not try me)
I got a man, I got a bitch
I'm a banana, they gotta split (hey, hey, ah)
One in your top, one in your tip (hey, hey)
One for the club, one for the crib (one for the crib)
My nigga fine, I wanna fuck
Ice in his mouth, eat me up
Rockin' his chain, wearin' his ring
Gettin' some brain, ah, ah, ah
Ay, I go shopping, mmh, want it, then I cop it, ay, yeah
Bitches boppin', mmh, I do it, they copy, ay, look
He's a sweetie, mmh, kiss it when he eat it, ay, yeah
Know it's good when you chewin' and you singin'
Hot Girl Summer, I ain't fucking with no drama, huh (fuckin' with no drama)
He was tripping, so I hung out with his partner, huh (hey, with his partner)
Fuck him good, introduce me to his mama, huh (to his mama)
Thought he had me 'til I came out with the condom, huh (with the condom)
Drinking D'USSÉ out the motherfuckin' bottle, hey (out the motherfuckin' bottle)
I'm a rapper, not no motherfuckin' model, huh (not no motherfuckin' model)
Got a nigga, but I think I'll have another, huh (think I'll have another)
I'm too sexy to be fucking under covers, huh
I know you know me, I ain't gotta introduce shit, hmm (introduce shit)
Same crew, I ain't hanging with no new bitch, hmm (hangin' with no new bitch)
I'ma buy it when I land, I rock new shit, hmm (bitch, I rock new shit)
I ain't fucking with that nigga, I got new dick, hmm (whoa)
Please don't try me lil' bitch
You know I'm with that, hmm (bitch, you know I'm 'bout that)
I'll break a ho in half like a Kit-Kat, hmm (like a Kit-Kat)
Please don't ask me 'bout it
If you know I did that, huh (bitch, you know I did that)
Not a stylist, but I'll push your fucking wig back, huh
Real Hot Girl shit, ah, mwah
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