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lyrics "Megadeth - In My Darkest Hour"

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Artist express:Megadeth
Genre:Kim loại
Release year:1988

In my hour of need,
Ha, no, youre not there
And though I reached out for you,
Wouldnt lend a hand
Through the darkest hour,
Your grace did not shine on me
Feels so cold, very cold,
No one cares for me
Did you ever think I get lonely?
Did you ever think that I needed love?
Did you ever think, stop thinking
Youre the only one that Im thinking of?
Youll never know how hard I tried
To find my space and satisfy you too
Things will be better when Im dead and gone
Dont try to understand, knowing you, Im probably wrong
But, oh how I lived my life for you,
Till youd turn away
Now, as I die for you,
My flesh still crawls as I breathe your name
All these years, thought I was wrong,
Now I know it was you
Raise you head, raise your face, your eyes,
Tell me who you think you are?
I walk, I walk alone
To the promised land
Theres a better place for me
But its far, far away
Everlasting life for me
In a perfect world
But I got to die first,
Please God send me on my way
Time has a way of taking time
Loneliness is not only felt be fools
Alone, I call to ease the pain,
Yearning to be held by you
Alone, so alone, Im lost,
Consumed by the pain
The pain, the pain, the pain
Wont you hold me again
You just laughed, ha-ha, you bitch
My whole life is work built on the past,
The time has come when all things shall pass,
This good thing passed away
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