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lyrics "Megadeth - Head Crusher "

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Artist express:Megadeth
Release year:2009

Time to take your last walk in this world
Before your journey begins underground
But not before we torment you from your
Cell straight to hell with a short detour in-between
Begging for mercy, all alone
Unable to handle the pressure
Before his mortification, now let the torture begin
Death by the head crusher, Head Crusher!
The horrific torture device
For those who fail interrogation
The most painful technique ever known
People thirst for the worst, the skulls disintegration
Beaten, broken, in bloody rags
Adding insult to injury, he recants
But its much too late, now let the torture begin
Death by the head crusher, Head Crusher!
On your knees, prisoner, take your position
Place your chin forward into the restraints
Your head slowly caves in from the compression
You faint in a blackout from the infernal pain
Twisting, turning the giant screw
Your teeth are breaking loose
Crushed and splintering into your mouth
Winding down, cutting through
Like broken glass being chewed
The fragmented skull and shattering bones
Theres nothing you can do
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