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lyrics "Megadeth - Dystopia "

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Artist express:Megadeth
Release year:2016

What you dont know, the legend goes, can hurt you
If you only want to live and die in fear
They tell us to believe just half of what we see
And absolutely nothing that we hear
Resist the twised truth no matter what the cost
Supplant the rights with wrongs inside our heads
Outlawing all the questions to the answers
That no one likes when someone ends up dead
What you dont know, the legend goes, cant hurt you
If you only want to live and die in a cage
Theres panic and theres chaos rampant in the streets
Where useless thoughts are peace are met with rage
Demoralized and overmastered people think
The quickest way to end a war is lose
Dictatorship ends starting with tyrannicide
You must destroy the cancer at its root
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