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lyrics "MC Nick - Bad Boy!! (New 2010) "

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Artist express:Mc Nick
Release year:2010

You know what they say honey! Those ? belong in the water
You betta watch out those guys are out for no good I tell ya!

MCs around the world
(Its time to face facts)
This party is for real
(And ? want it back)
If youre a real MC
(Like you claim to be)
Well this is for the record
(And the young ladies)
So like the others MCs
(Who talk about the sales)
Were gonna break it down sweeter
(Than anyone else)
See were four MCs
(Here to start things off)
Like macaroni and spaghetti
(Weve got the sauce)
Ima turn to my left
(And to my right)
Cause the man on the keys
Is gonna rock all night
Were gonna break a little rhythm for the controversy
For all the males in the house and the young ladies
To all the ladies in the place with style and grace
And if youre blessed with a pretty face let me hear you say owww (owww!)
Say owwww owww (owwww! owwww!)
To all the fellas all on the floor if youre on the go
If every once in awhile you take a trip on the floor say hoo! (hoo!)
Say ho ho! (ho ho!)
Now my name is T Spark from East New York
And you can tell that Im fresh by the way I talk
It also appears in the way I drop
Cause I got class, style, and finesse
Well Im the chief, and there aint no other
Now wheres the beef, we got beef for ya momma
The object of choice cause you love my voice
And I can cruise around the East in a rough Rolls Royce

So Busy Bee!

? Casanova and it must be told
About the mellow Busy Bee yes Im on the go
Cause I kick it to the beat cause I sound so real
Guaranteed to meet the ladies that know Im chill
I used to chill in the projects called Riverdale
Where the fellas walked around with fake Gazelles
The girls over there they think they dressed so well
Yes they walk through the projects with ?
Robbin and stealin is nothin less
For all the females over there they go to the ?
Its like warm as a fireplace thats the deal
Cause I could walk through the desert and still be chill
Cause I could dress ordinary and still impress
Cause Im the newest and the freshest I am the best
Dress ordinary most each and every day
Cause on top of the mic you know ya hear me say
(MJs on the beat gettin funky!)

Grand Wizard! Cut this!

(scratching and cutting)


Al Bs in the place with the clientele
Bringing this place from the depths of hell
To the sky of heaven way up above
And flying high like Cupid but the mic is my love
Cause Im in the place ya know whatever I see
Every single young lady in the place will agree
There aint other MC in the place to be
That can rock a mic quite like Easy Al B

Here I reign, here I stand
The microphone wizard with the upper hand
The other MCs they cant understand
That Mr. Mack is not your average man
Cause I can hypnotize your body and soul
Make you feel like 24 karat gold
Rockin the beat cause I cant be bold
And all you sucker MCs Ill put you on hold

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