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lyrics "Mazzy Star - Be My Angel"

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Artist express:Mazzy Star
Release year:1990

they say its me
that makes you do things
you might not have done
if I was away
and that its me
that likes to talk to you
and watches you
as you walk away
dont say its useless
dont say forget it
dont bring me wishes
of silly dreams
just say theres often
too much freedom
too many fingers
and too many things
they say its you
that washes the way
and brings the night
into the day
if you wont notice
how can I show you
all of your worries
have all gone away
dont leave me lonely
dont leave me unhappy
just bring me up
into your faith
if you dont need me
then dont deceive me
letting my freedom
turn into stone
just be my angel if you love me
be my angel in the night
be my angel cuz you need me
be my angel and treat me right
dont say you love me
if you dont need me
dont send me roses
on your behalf
just take me down
and walk through your river
down through the middle
and make it last
holding on to you
holding on to me
holding on tight
till my love is crossed
dont say its useless
and dont say forget it
you are my spirit
now you are gone
Songwriters: Mazzy Star
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