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lyrics "Mavado - Ready Fi Dem ft. IWaata, BlackShadow, Mansion Records"

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Artist express:Mavado
Release year:2021

yeaaaahh watcha

Yo Gully Gad
Attack dem like a 90s criminal
Body decompose nah get funeral, rapid up eh
Glock Inna yuh face then me kill yuh gyal
Hell affi raise from yuh get eh gad ignorant

Inna bwoy face a suh me push shot inna bwoy face
Head full up a empty space
Mosquito brain splash pon eh wall paste

Inna bwoy face, dem know me a real killa inna me place
Shot by drums an rifle fi days
Shoot up yuh nine night tell a bwoy duppy raise

Nuh get weh me have a army
Yuh bleed out like punani
The 12 gage belly ram like cabby
Suh me strap the bomba up pon me body

Dem cya get weh dem affi get trick
The matik a work eh magic like electric
A bwoy coulda John Wick or Matrix
Suh me fling on eh jug pon eh K quick

Ready fi dem (skkrp) re ready fi dem (play)
re ready fi dem (watch yah)

Ready fi dem (skkrp) re ready fi dem
(watch yah watch yah watch yah ) yeah ready fi dem (play)

if smaddy affi born well smaddy affi born but
smaddy affi dead (pronounce)
when a eagle a fly it a pick out yuh eye an chap out yuh head

a the way how me grow me nuh lose not a war
yeah blood affi shead (blood affi shed)
eh rifle me walk wid nuh fren it nuh beg (no)

gimmi high grade me nuh need nuh grabba
(none) affi mas up me face just to raid dem corna

(now) shot a dance inna face like ballerina
The Gully still a kill bwoy him a nuh foreigner

talk dem a talk dem cya do me nuttn
when the killaz dem strike more than dozen (rhum)
tru yuh love talk make me kill eh cousin
me keep 1 inna the head fi who a give trouble (me)

Ready fi dem (skkrp) re ready fi dem
re ready fi dem

Ready fi dem (skkrp) re ready fi dem
watch this yeah ready fi dem

wid eh young gal 16 an eh 9 milla
me ready fi raise hell caz me dawgs dem a sinna
spread the work give the work to a trinidad killa
smaddy affi get dirt could a church uno inna

mah fuck inna villa than fuck inna house
suh me cya trust a bitch suh me fuck inna me clothes
me have enemy the most an frenemy
the most cya send me nuh page cah me dawg dem a post

inna war me a the heart call dung the force AK
make bwoy transform inna ghost
shift shape but yuh cya transform inna goat
yuh nuh seet say a we run gone wid ah sport

Ready fi dem (skkrp) re ready fi dem
re re re ready fi dem

Ready fi dem (skkrp) re re ready fi dem
yeah ready fi dem
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