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lyrics "Make It Rain - Ed Sheeran "

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Artist express:Ed Sheeran
Release year:2014

Verse 1
When the sins of my father
Weigh down in my soul
And the pain of my mother
Will not let me go
Well, I know there can come fire from the sky
To refine the purest of kings
And even though I know this fire brings me pain
Even so, and just the same

Chorus x2
Make it rain
Make it rain down, lord
Make it rain
Oh, make it rain

Verse 2
Well, a seed needs the water
Before it grows out of the ground
But it just keeps on getting hard
Hunger more profound
Well, I know they cant count tears from the eye
But they may as well be in vain
And even though I know these tears come with pain
Even so, and just the same

Chorus x2

Verse 3
The seas are full of water
Stops by the shore
Its like the riches of grandeur
Never reach the poor
And let the clouds fill with thunderous applause
And let lightning be the veins
And fill the sky with all that they can draw
When its time to make a change
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