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lyrics "Mac Miller - Woods"

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Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, things like this ain't built to last
I might just fade like those before me
When will you forget my past?
Got questions, ask, you know the stories
Yeah, and you need to let me know
When you're leaving where you go
Can I come?
Do you believe me, are you close?
Yeah, even if you don't
That'll get you sprung
Do I, do I, do I love?
Can I, can I, can I get enough?
Yeah, don't run away, love
Hate love, heartbreak will have you bankrupt
Too many days in a daze, better wake up
I put your face in a place where the space was
Nobody make you feel like you but (do I?)
And you don't know what you should do
You just looking for someone to make you move, ooh tell me (do I?)
I make this planet feel like home
It's us versus time, the door is closing
So far beyond all our control
You saved a soul so close to broken, yeah
It's so much better when you wait
Forever and a day, that's all I got
Put it together then it break
All the energy it takes, it never stop
Do I, do I, do I love?
Can I, can I, can I get enough?
Yeah, I never slip, I never fall
I tried to tell you 'bout a better life
And get involved, big or small
It's been my fault
I keep it safe, it's in the vault
Blindfold her, keep it going 'til we hit a wall
Yeah, I'm never going through the motions
I'm just tryna lay your body down slowly
We can only go up
We can only go up
Do I, do I, do I love?
Can I, can I, can I get enough?
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