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lyrics "Lords Of Acid Show Me Your Pussay "

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Artist express:Lords of Acid
Release year:2002

I wanna see your pussy - everybody says its nice
Can I come and visit - Ill be at your house tonight
They tell me its soft to touch and really smooth
I can hardly wait to feel that pussy too
You wanna play with pussy all the time
To hide that kinda pussy is a crime
You say your pussys clever and so slick
But I think that your pussys kinda sick
I wanna bet your pussy aint as pretty as mine
I dont hide my pussy like you do all the time
My pussys just the sweetest thing that youve ever seen
Compared to mine your pussys really ugly and mean
I bring my pussy everywhere I go
To watch my little pussy is a show
You say your pussys clever and so slick
But I think that your pussys really thick
She turns into a tiger when shes ready to eat
My pussys always hungry for a big chunk of meat
So lay your little pussy right next to mine
You can bring her over round dinnertime
My pussy is the hippest thing around
Shes always been the talk of the town
You say your pussys clever and so slick
But I think that your pussys mighty thick (miauw, baby)
I wanna see your pussy show it to me
Let me see your pussy show it to me
Show me your pussy show it to me
I wanna pet your pussy show it to me
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