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lyrics "Lord Jamar - "Lift Up Your Skirt" "

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Artist express:Lord Jamar
Release year:2013


Verse 1
Somebody mad at my hashtag
Instagram black man looking half a fag
With the blazer and dress
Im just amazed at the mess
Pioneer of this queer shit is Kanye West
He introduced the skinny jeans to the rap scene
Then he wore a fucking skirt on a video screen
Then he wore it again at a memorial
I cant pretend that this shit aint deplorable
I bet this nigga think he looking adorable
Your music good, but your ego is horrible
Now these other niggas wanna follow suit
I tell the truth
Talk shit, youll be swallowin a tooth
Duckin hollows in the booth
Wishing that you showed the respect to an OG you followed as a youth
I rebuke all this gay shit, some are scared to say shit
You might lay and take this, but Im not to be played with

Lift up your skirt, lift up your skirt
Lift up your skirt, yeah, kid, lift up your skirt
Is it pussy or balls? I give a fuck if you ball
These fuck niggas wanna make suckers of us all
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