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lyrics "Listen - ONE OK ROCK , Avril Lavigne"

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Artist express:ONE OK ROCK
Release year:2017

Verse 1: ONE OK ROCK
You always call me full of regret
You want me to save you again

Instrumental break

Verse 2: ONE OK ROCK
All these years, the days go by
Ive seen you fall a million times
Everybody makes mistakes

Verse 3: Avril Lavigne
It feels so hard to watch you hurt
From the pain, a lesson learned
This is how you find your way

Instrumental break

Verse 3: ONE OK ROCK
It feels so hard, Ive been there too
Sky so dark, no way through
Stories only scars can tell

Verse 4: Avril Lavigne
Ive go so much love for you, my friend
Ride or die until the end
But only you can save yourself

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