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lyrics "Limahl - Never Ending Story"

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Artist express:New Found Glory
Release year:2002

Turn around, look at what you see, yeah-eh
In her face, the mirror of your dreams, who-oh
Make believe I'm everywhere, hidden in the lines
Written on the pages is the answer to a neverending story,
Neverending story-eeh
Reach the stars, fly a fantasy
Dream a dream, and what you see will be-eh, yeah, yeah, yeah-eh
Lives that keep their secrets, will unfold behind the clouds
And there upon the rainbow is the answer to a neverending story-eeh
Neverending story-eeh
Neverending story-eeh
Go! Show no fear, for she may fade away, yeah-eh
In your hand, the birth of the new day-hee, yeah, yeah, yeah-eh
Lives that keep their secrets will unfold behind the clouds
And there upon the rainbow is the answer to a...Neverending story!
Neverending story, woo-owo-oho-wo-oho-wo
Neverending story, wo-owo-oho-wo-oho-wo
Neverending story, Who-owo-oho-wo-oho-wo
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