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lyrics "Lil Dicky - Earth"

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Artist express:Lil Dicky
Release year:2018

What up, world? Its your boy, just one of the guys down here
Well, I could be more specific
Uh, Im a human, and I just wanted to, you know
For the sake of all of us earthlings out there
Just wanted to say:
We love the Earth, it is our planet
We love the Earth, it is our home
We love the Earth, it is our planet
We love the Earth, it is our home
Hi, Im a baboon
Im like a man, just less advanced and my anus is huge
Hey, Im a zebra
No one knows what I do, but I look pretty cool
Am I white or black?
Im a lion cub, and Im always getting licked (Meow!)
Hows it going? Im a cow (Moo!)
You drink milk from my tits (Moo)
Im a fat, fucking pig
Im a common fungus
Im a disgruntled skunk, shoot you out my butthole
Im a marijuana plant, I can get you fucked up
And Im Kanye West
We love the Earth, it is our planet
We love the Earth, it is our home
We love the Earth, it is our planet
We love the Earth, it is our home
We love the Earth
Ba-dum-da-dum-dum, ba-dum-da-di
We are the vultures, feed on the dead
Were just some rhinos, horny as heck
Im just a giraffe, whats with this neck?
Hippity-hop, Im a kangaroo
I hop all day, up and down with you
Im an elephant, I got junk in my trunk
What the fuck? Im a clam!
Im a wolf. Howl!
Im a squirrel, lookin for my next nut
And Im a pony, just a freak horse, heh-heh-heh
But, uh, cmon, get on (Yah)
Giddee-up, lets ride
Im HPV, dont let me in
Im a koala and I sleep all the time
So what? Its cute
We love you, India
We love you, Africa
We love the Chinese
We forgive you, Germany
Earth, it is our planet (Its so tiny)
We love the Earth (We love the Earth), it is our home (Home)
We love the Earth, it is our planet (It is our planet)
We love the Earth, it is our home
We love the Earth
Im a man (Hello?)
Can you hear me? (Anyone out there? Hello?)
Ive trudged the Earth for so damn long
And still dont know shit (Whats going on?)
I hope its not a simulation (Huh)
Give each other names like Ahmed and Pedro
And, yeah, we like to wear clothes, girls still look beautiful
And it covers up our human dick (Woo), eat a lot of tuna fish
But these days, its like we dont know how to act
All these shootings, pollution, we under attack on ourselves
Like, lets all just chill (Hey), respect what we built (Hey)
Like look at the internet! Its cracking as hell
Fellas, dont you love to cum when you have sex? (Ayy)
And I heard women orgasms are better than a dicks (Uh)
So what we got this land for? What we gotta stand for?
Love, and we love the Earth (The Earth)
Oh, yeah, baby, I love the Earth
I love this planet
Hey, Russia, were cool
Hey, Asia, all of you, cmon
Every one of you from the plains to the Sahara
Lets come together and live
Hum-dum-dum-dae-dum, hum-dum-dum-dae-dum
우-우-우리는 지구를 사랑해요
Amamos la tierra
Cmon everybody, I know were not all the same
But were living on the same Earth (We love you, we love you)
Have you ever been to Earth?
Everyone who is listening has been to Earth, Ariana (We love you, we love you)
Were not making music for aliens here
Are we gonna die?
You know what, Bieber? We might die (We love you, we love you)
Im not going to lie to you
I mean, theres so many people out here who dont think Global Warmings a real thing
You know? We gotta save this planet
Were being stupid
Unless we get our shit together now
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