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lyrics "Like It Like It - Marcus & Martinus , Silento"

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Artist express:Marcus & Martinus
Release year:2017

Wooh, he, I like it
Shoutout to my bros
I like it, I like it
Oh, yeah
I like it, like it

Verse 1: Marcus
Youre the type of girl that got everything that Im looking for
I like your new Yeezys, the love, your style, girl, youre beautiful
Yeah, the way you walk and the way you talk, youre incredible
I like it, like it, I like it, like it

Verse 2: Martinus
I can see from by the way youre acting around your girls
And I lose my air every time I see you go whip your hair
Yeah, the way youre walking, the way you talk, its like you run the world
And I like it, like it, I like it, like it

Bridge: Martinus
Ooh, oh, oh
Yeah, I like it, girl
Oh, I like it

Chorus: Marcus
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