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lyrics "Let's Go (The Royal We) - Run The Jewels"

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Artist express:Run The Jewels
Release year:2018

Lets go...
Anarchists put a flame to a tire
walk around with the fire round necks
Mankind gotta deal with a new kind of
mind Im a quick death wrapped in a threat
Tell these fuzzy little weak-heart bunny babies back up or get wet
Never mind where you draw the line I
got a mind for crime its false disrespect
Im a all red fire on the flesh, youre a lunchbox walking erect
Tasty treats from the lungs to the flesh to the neck
Whos hungry? The tables set, come get it
Games the game but you cant run with
it, have fun with it, enjoy your suffering
Kernel panic, trauma the Russian
Empty the clip while your clips still bluffing
Look in the eye of the violent and villainous
We are the murderous militants
We are the pirates that hide on the island invade or be wilding
Marauding and murdering merchantmen
We have been cursed by the curse
We shooting first on our turf
Pay us our proper respect
You pray for your God, take in the perverse
He sent the worst of the worst
Every damn human disperse
We put them all in a hearse
We put them under the earth
We are the savages ravaging hell
Death in the air, we relish the smell
We are the hand of the Lord
We are the hand with the sword
Taking the heads of the faith
We are the sealers of fate
We are the face of the snake
Lets go...
The enemies of the state
Pardon me, your mistake
See, Im raised to eat pain
Appetite decides faith
Me and Mike mount the Hellcat
Armed to the pearl whites like yikes
20 sex sketches, the girl rejects us
Free now go to the lights
Me and Mike bring delight to the knife fight
Get 29 grand like
Me, I just take a life
Might light 29 grands up in a night
Turn last laugh in defiance
Born to brawl boy, the bastard alliance
Hardy harr, you alive, Im a riot
Thats not a brag, thats science
Back from the bellows of hell
Back from the back of a cell in a jail
Back from the common decrees to the common degree
Back to the streets from the East
Back to the belly of beast
Back to the place of my piece
Back to me holding my piece
Anything worth of disturbing the peace
Will certainly meet the deceased, capice?
Oh, why must I tell em again?
What must I tell to my friend?
That we are born in the sin
And we are worshipping murderers
Nothing but evil duplicitous men
I know you heard of em all
We should just murder em all
We should just murder and bll
And thats on the ruins we looting from all of
the palaces walls
Lets go...
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