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lyrics "Lakeyah - Female Goat ft City Girls"

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Artist express:Lakeyah
Release year:2020

(Reuel, stop playin' with these niggas)

Ayy, they're like, "Lakeyah, why they sleeping on you so hard?"
Don't-don't give a fuck, I'm 'bout to give these niggas real bars
That's that bitch that keep pullin' out them foreign cars
Put it in reverse to give your broke ass that jump start
I hit my dance on these bitches like I'm Skuba Sada
Drip on me heavy, got these bum hoes scuba divin'
I know they hate to see I'm really cold, I'm goin' viral
Yeah, I been fly since fifteen without a co-pilot (Bitch)
I got these hoes real pressed and I ain't doin' shit
And niggas lyin' on they dick, they ain't screwin' shit
Who said who the bigger G.O.A.T.? That's some bullshit
Somebody put the hammer to her head, br-bring that toolkit
I'ma-I'ma keep it real, niggas ain't got no chance
Bring that-bring that cheese, for a feature, I need four bands
I'm on they ass 'til it ain't one, just all legs
My bitch dick bigger than yours and it's from Tool Shed
These niggas cappin' in they raps, they ain't pop shit
He popped a Perc but that nigga still go soft quick
And they ain't never see me fight but I talk shit
Put them dogs on you, pull up on you, get ya top ripped (Ayy)
And plus my numbers goin' up, she a fan now
And if it's smoke then it's up, you get fanned down
Fuck it, no more pretty shit, I ain't playin' 'round
Bitch, I'm the G.O.A.T., I'm the dog, I'm the man now
I call these broke-ass niggas unstable creatures
And if he eatin' pussy, he an ass eater
My niggas don't give a fuck who you with neither
Beat yo' bitch ass out the joggers and her wife beater
My nigga sent me that beat so I had to do it
And-and I be shittin' on these hoes, I need more Louis
You bum broke-ass hoes still goin' through it
I should give these hoes a one-on-one, I go too stupid, bitch
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