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lyrics "KSI - Adam's Apple ft Alesa"

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Artist express:KSI, Alesa
Release year:2017

These niggas ain't ready
You wanted this, amigo
End of this, you're gonna really want to kill me
End of this, your fans are really gonna feel me
Never miss, whenever suckers wanna grill me
Sorry, miss, I gotta kill him with the click, click
I didn't really wanna do this
So my fans be saying, "Who this?"
But they really wanna view this
Know you're dying when I shoot this
Had your ex all in my DM's
Pillow talking in the DM's
Trust me, nigga, take a seat
Gonna have this on repeat
Naga Viper with the heat
Mr. Z Man on the beat
Adam had to eat the apple
Time to kill him in a chapel
Adam really shit the bed
How you gonna shit the bed?
Alesa told me you were crying
Nigga, this shit had me dying
Had to clean up all your noodles
I expect that from a poodle
And you know the best part?
Adam thought it was a fart
Damn nigga, haven't even pulled the trigger
You should never try to diss the nigga
One-seven millie, still I'm bigger
I don't care about your bank report
At least I'm never paying child support
But why your baby momma saying that you ain't even paying that?
Ain't a game, so you never feel like playing that?
Stop the music bitch, and go back to blocks
You'll make more money
And when it comes to shocks, I got more coming
When it comes to cocks, you a small summin'
When it comes to flops, you're the first running
When it comes to pops you ain't there sonnin'
Nigga, tell me why the fuck you're cutting yourself?
How you're gonna be a dad when you're cutting yourself?
But it's not all you're doing
You fucked up and I know you're brewing
Time to reminisce, I hope you're hearing this
I didn't wanna be the one to be out blaring this
But fuck it
Behind the mask, you're a prick
What you did made me sick
Smearing blood on this chick
Yeah, let's talk about Dawn
Slappin' and choking from dusk 'til dawn
Then blaming your alter egos
What the fuck? That's not cool amigo
That's not Adam, that was John that hit you
That's not Adam, that was Shaun that beat you
That's not Adam, nah fuck you Adam
Any woman beater gets the fucking heater
R.I.P. like Rita, hope you like my feature
That's your baby momma
Flew her over just to end the saga
KSI, I'm the king of drama
Karma, karma, kicking down like Sparta
You will always be a dreadful father
Post Malone, he ain't savin' shit
Your tattoos are shit
Chronic masturbator
Coming now and later
Why you horny looking at an alligator?
I'm your violator
This the bar on my mission
Nothing can save your dead vision, bitch
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