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lyrics "KONGOS - Traveling On"

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Artist express:Kongos
Release year:2012

So long my friend, my foe, my love, my pain
The roads calling out my name
Dreaming of La Boheme
Maybe Ill go to Barbizon
Or see a girl before she catches cold and shes gone
Or maybe Ill just travel on
Travel on
So long my flame, my warmth, my fear, my fight
The roads calling again tonight
Dreaming under street lights
Maybe Ill catch a train to Rome
See the world until I cant go on
Then maybe Ill come traveling home
Cause when the road takes its toll
And these cities come and go
Filled with people I dont know
Youll be in my heart
And Ill dream of where you are tonight.
And when the years pass us by
I wonder if well cry
For losing so much time
For moments we may miss
For the love that still exists tonight
Maybe Ill go it all alone
See the world and make my way back home
Or maybe Ill keep traveling on
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