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lyrics "KONGOS - Real Life"

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Artist express:Kongos
Album:Real Life
Release year:2018

There he was
Making all the green because
She really wanted more than love
He said that aint real life
Waking up
Trapped inside a little house
I feel a bit like Minnie Mouse
She says this aint real life
But there it is
Floating in a hazy noise
Passing every day and night
It never stops it never slows
And all this time
They only wanted real life
And there it goes
Held inside a single note
Looking through a telescope
It never stops it never slows
All this time
Ive wondered what is real life
Checking in
Checking out and logging on
This is what Im running on
I said, this aint real life
A gentle spring
Back into the wood Ive been
Waking from a sleep I was in
I said is this is real life
What is real life?
But there it is floating in a hazy noise
Passing every day and night
It never stops, It never slows
And all this time I only wanted real life
There it goes held inside a single note
Looking through a telescope
It never stops, it never slows
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