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lyrics "Kodak Black - Love and War"

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Artist express:Kodak Black
Release year:2021

(You gon' strap like I'ma Haitian, Pompano Puff my blow n' spray it)

Could you send me a flick? I'ma send you a dick pic when I’m horny
If I kiss you in yo' lips, would you tell your sister in the morning?
Would you keep it a secret? I ain’t felt this way before
Wanna tell you that I like you, but I don’t cause I’m not sure
I just took her heart and scored, then I love her till she sore
I just break her heart in fours then I don’t want her anymore
If I eat it, can I treat it, can I beat it with my sword?
She want love and I want war
You can leave but where you goin’?
If i hit that thing the right way can I take you to my prom?
Wanna strap you round to my waist and come take you to my mom
Do you get that picture? You could be lil' Kodak
You don’t get the picture? Girl, I’m lil' Kodak
You could be my cheri, you could be my baby
If you lookin' for me, I be right on 18
Droppin' bands, I be poppin bands

When I
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