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lyrics "KMFDM - Anarchy "

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Artist express:KMFDM
Release year:1997

You break my back
You wont break me
All is black
But I still see
Shut me down
Knock me to the floor
Shoot me up
Fuck me like a whore

Trapped under ice
Comfortably cold
Ive gone as low as you can go
Feel no remorse
No sense of shame
Times gonna wash away all pain

I made a god out of blood
Not superiority
I killed the king of deceit
Now I sleep in anarchy

Sacrifice to the cause
Turn your code into law
Compensate to validate the loss
Take a thief
Nail him to a cross

Gospel of rage
Faction of hate
Deviate from the absolute
Born of revenge
Raised on cement
Chaos created government

I made a god out of blood
Not superiority
I killed the king of deceit
Wake me up in anarchy
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