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lyrics "Kid Rock - Roll On"

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Artist express:Kid Rock
Release year:2007

Sitting here alone
Im lookin back on where Ive roamed
And laughin, how I swore
Id win and not get burned
Left my family, left my home
I worked my fingers to the bone
And there was not a stone
I did not leave unturned
And I was having a good time
Roll On, roll on, roller coaster
Were one day older
And one step closer
Roll on, theres mountains to climb
Roll on, were on borrowed time
Roll on rollercoaster,
Roll on tonight
Money and success
I dont complain about the stress
I wanted this and now its here
So I dont bitch
And I swear that times a trick
It disappears oh so quick
Man I was just 16,
And now Im staring at 36.
But Im still having a good time
Roll on, Roll on Roller Coaster
Were one day older and one step closer
Roll on theres mountains to climb
Roll on were on borrowed time
Roll on roller coaster
Roll on tonight
And I know its hard to see with the sun in your eyes
But one day youre gonna say I saw the light
And now headin for that hill
And I just cannot wait until
My children grow up to have children of their own
And Ill be telling them about
The times I turned the party out
And how I stood against an army all alone
Drinkin wine and stayin high
And realized it couldnt last
And how I turned myself around
And went down another path
And the signs we must observe
When lifes changes do occur
But most of all Ill tell them
Just how proud I am of them
And always have a good time
Its all love and good times
Lets all have a good time yeah
Roll on Roll on roller roaster
Were one day older and one step closer
Roll on theres mountains to climb
Roll on were on borrowed time
Roll on roller coaster
Roll on tonight
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