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lyrics "Kid Rock - Lonely Road Of Faith"

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Artist express:Kid Rock
Release year:2001

Up and down that lonely road of faith
I have been there
Unprepared for the storms and the tides that rise
Ive realized one thing, how much I love you
And it hurts to see, see you cryin
I believe we can make it through the winds of change
God is great indeed
If you believe, in the everlife
Yeah we gotta
Make some sense of the piece thats not defined
And if you just hold on, I wont let ya fall
We can make it through the storms and the winds of change
Though I walk through the valley of darkness
I am not afraid
Cause I know Im not alone
And if the wind blows east, would you follow me
And if the wind blows north, would ya stay your course
And if the wind blows west, would ya second guess
And if it blows to the south, would you count me out
And if the sun dont shine, would you still be mine
And if the sky turns grey, would you walk away
Would you say I do, if I say Ill be
And walk this road through life with me
You know I love youuuuuu
On this lonely road of faith
On this lonely road of faith
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