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lyrics "Kid Rock - Best Of Me "

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Artist express:Kid Rock
Album:First Kiss
Release year:2015

Verse 1
I can’t sing like Marvin Gaye, no
I can’t play that grand piano
I never was at the top of my class
I never threw no touchdown pass
All I got is cut glass to stand on
Cuz I never planned on getting my hands on
No kind of cash or a woman like you
That could last the whole life through
But now that you’re here, it seems so clear

Verse 2
Now I ain’t got no southern mansion
And I ain’t much good at slow dancing
I never swam the English Channel
And people they say I’m hard to handle
Cause I’m like a candle in the wind
But where you end is where I begin
And I never win cause I’m good at losing
And thank the Lord I’m good at choosing
Cause now that you’re here, it seems so clear

When the lights go down and the music plays
I feel like a king that could sing for days
I know sometimes that we don’t always agree
They scream for more and the more I give
It takes a toll on the way we live
Please forgive me baby and try and see
Yeah try and see
Please try and see
That you get the best of me

Verse 3
Now I didn’t make no reservations
And I didn’t plan no great vacation
Cuz I’ve been chasing rain drops falling
Running from love when it keeps calling
And I know you think I’m just playing the field
But let me show you girl what’s real
Cuz I’m all in like a crazy gambler
And though I don’t have all the answers
Now that you’re here, it seems so clear

Hook (x2)

Best of me
Best of me
You get the best of me
Best of me
Best of me
You get the best of me
You get the best of me
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