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lyrics "Ken and Barbie - Kate Gill"

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Artist express:Kate Gill
Release year:2020

[Verse 1]
Two little boys
Met each other on the playground
Just like the rest
Didn't stick out from the crowd
But between themselves
They knew that they were different
But they pushed it down
'Cause nobody would even listen

Their parents always saying
"Boy when you grow up
You're gonna find a nice lady
make sure you act tough.
You'll be living a life like Barbie and Ken
Cmon suck it up and
Forget this nonsense."

What if he wants Ken, not Barbie?
Why should he have to say sorry?
Tell me do you even listen?
To all the dumb sh*t you're slipping?

We can love who we want to
Don't say he's not supposed to
If he loves Ken not Barbie
He doesn't have to say sorry
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