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lyrics "Kash Doll - For Everybody "

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Artist express:Kash Doll
Release year:2017

Hey, ladies?
Have you ever had to call one of these lil' hood rats?
And. and she tried to act like.
You don't know who the fuck yo nigga is?
Man These bitches done lost they mind, don't do that
Yeah, she gone say somethin'
Listen, don't hit my line
Asking why my number in yo nigga shit
You wasting ya time
Probably shoulda' asked that nigga bitch
Probably wouldn't fuck with that
Probably want a bad bitch in his life
I mean how the fuck am I suppose to know?
I mean you said that he was yo' nigga right?
Cuffing is dead
You heard what I said, bitch cuffing is dead
These new niggas don't know how to act
They in and out of everybody
Never trust no nigga bitch
All these niggas counterfeit
Baby girl when you gon' learn?
That is not yo' nigga, shit
These niggas for everybody
These niggas for everybody
These niggas for everybody
These niggas for everybody
These niggas for everybody
I suck and fuck when I want to
Run his pockets when I want
Run his check up at Saks and Fifth
That's what this good pussy do
Came thru on dat late night
Sent fo' me first class flight
Follow me might learn something
Stop trippin' might earn somethin'
He won't ever love a square bitch
Baby you gon' have to share him
Ya' nigga been down with OPP
I hate to be the one to tell ya
I seen him in Houston with Lexis
When he leave you he gone text me
And I'ma ask him what that mouth do
I can't help it that I'm this sexy
See you might be able to cuff some
But that nigga ain't gone be none of em'
See, that nigga love him a bad bitch
And everybody havin' fun wit him
See that nigga ain't no exclusive
Girl, you out here looking stupid
I ain't being funny
I'm just telling you that you don't know what you doing
The type of nigga you pursuing
Is the type that ain't gon' love you back
He love what you do for him
But he know I ain't doin none of that
See, he know I ain't having none of that
And I won't ever be his wifey
Whenever you get out ya feelings bae
You might wanna do it just like me
See, me and my bitches don't save em
We catch his ass and we throw it back
Break his ass down like a pound
When I'm done you can have him back
Bitch don't play yo self ain't nothing bout that nigga golly
He ain't just for you, baby, he for everybody
These niggas for everybody
These niggas for everybody
These niggas for everybody
These niggas for everybody
These niggas for everybody
You say you'll never be his wifey
As if you ever had the option
The way dem tittes sag
Milk that gon' bad bitch, I promise he ain't coppin'
Everybody know you boppin
The whole hood know you fair play
That little change that he throw yo way
Hoe, I spend that shit everyday
Let me make some shit clear
I'm fuckin off what you make in a year
You ride in Uber's, I ride in a leer
We not cut from the same clothing, my dear
Talking that shit but bae must I remind you?
I am that bitch, I will pull up and find you
Everything got my name on it
Ring finger got his rang on it
Don't nothing move til' I sign shit
You might as be my side bitch
You probably wanna be quiet Miss
Cause I ain't never been tried, sis
That nigga don't even know you
No contact, no photos
Never seen em in the daylight
Do you know what the nigga really look like?
I mean wow, thought you were winning 'til now?
Sonin' you bitch, you my child
You living foul, you need to polish up bae
Basic shit I don't allow
And that nigga about to get his too
Just as soon as I'm done with you
Cause them other niggas might be for everybody but
I'm who that motherfucker belong to
So get it right bitch, I'm wife bitch
And can't nun of y'all hoes replace me
You proud to be this nigga cumrag?
Hoe you down bad and you crazy
Gon' knuckle up cause I'll fight for mines
Yo' pussy petty, you wasting time
You seasonal, part time
You get fucked up fuckin' with mine you lil' bitch
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