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lyrics "Kanye West - Follow God "

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Artist express:Kanye West
Release year:2019

Father, I stretch
Stretch my hands to You
Lifelike, this is what your life like, try to live your life right
People really know you, push your buttons like type write
This is like a movie, but its really very lifelike
Every single night right, every single fight, right?
I was looking at the Gram and I dont even like likes
I was screamin at my Dad, he told me, "It aint Christ-like"
I was screamin at the referee just like Mike
Lookin for a bright light, Sigel, what your life like
Riding on a white bike, feeling like excite bike (stretch my hands to You)
Pressin on the gas, supernova for a night light
Screamin at my dad and he told me, "It aint Christ-like"
But nobody never tell you when youre being like Christ
Only ever seein me only when they needin me
Like if Tyler Perry made a movie for BET
Searchin for a deity, now you wanna see it free
Now you wanna see if we, lets just see if three a piece
Tell me what your life like, turn it down, a bright light
Drivin with my dad, and he told me, "It aint Christ-like" (stretch my hands to You)
Im just tryna find, Ive been lookin for a new way
Im just really tryna not to really do the fool way
I dont have a cool way, bein on my best, though
Block em on the text though, nothin else next though
Not another word, letter, picture, or a decimal (Father, I stretch)
Wrestlin with God, I dont really want to wrestle
Man, its really lifelike, everything in my life (stretch my hands to You)
Arguing with my dad, and he said, "It aint Christ-like"
You know, its like
Somebody only close who can get you, like, off your
I be on my
I woke up this morning, I said my prayers
Im all good, then I tried to talk to my dad (stretch my hands to You)
Give him some advice, he starts spazzin on me
I start spazzin back, he said "That aint Christ-like"
I said, "Aah"
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