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lyrics "Jeffy - Why"

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Artist express:Jeffy, Lance Thirtyacre
Release year:2017

Why, why?

Verse 1
Hey daddy, I smack these hoes!
I stuck my pee-pee in some Cheerios
I got a pencil in my nose, and I, beat my diaper everywhere I go!
I like to hop-hop like a bunny
Pooped my pants and now its runny!
Ya think thats funny?
I stuff my diaper with all my money!

Chorus: Jeffy & SuperMarioLogan
Why, why? (Jeffy, dont do that!)
Why, why? (Jeffy, eat your green beans!)
Why, why? (Jeffy, dont poop your pants!)
Why, why?

Interlude: Jeffy & (SuperMarioLogan)
Cat piano solo!
(Aw, Jeffy, stop it!)

Verse 2
Got a helmet on top of my head
Spank my pee-pee until it was red
Eat green beans, Id rather be dead
Its 10:00 and Im ready for bed!

Hey daddy, I just, uh, showed you how to poop on the track
So, uh, Im goin to bed
I got carrots on, I got my bunny suit on
Im ready for bed
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